Are you using a handphone? Handphone is a necessity or luxury for you? Ofcourse the answer will be necessity. Are you tired of paying your mobile phone bill every month? Have you ever wished never have to pay your phone bill?How??

Your dreams just came true with Tone Excels' WOW! Referral Program.

This is one of the simplest program that you will ever come across. If you are a prepaid user, and you switch over to Tone Excels' Sim Card (which is powered by Tunetalk), your first and most obvious benefit is lower call rates. You can now choose to retain your existing phone number, and yet get a chance to save on your calls.
You can also go one step further and refer Tone Excels' Prepaid Sim Cards to others. And when you do this, you can get another, potentially life altering benefit. You will be paid everytime the person you referred, tops up their prepaid credit. Yes! You heard it right, get paid everytime they top up, and this could possibly mean getting paid for life.

For the first time in Malaysia, for the first time in the Telco industry, for the first time in a referral program, for the first time ever, you can now make your phone, a cash machine.

WOW! Referral Program is co-branded beween Tunetalk and Tone Excel Sdn. Bhd. Tunetalk is owned by Tune Ventures (37.5%) and Celcom (38%). These are giants that we can trust and rely upon. You may get more information by clicking here. Now, if we can't trust these guys to do a good job, then who else can we trust?


There are so many reasons on why you should choose this wonderful program. Let me share some of the reasons with you:-

Reason #1: This product is needed by 27 million people in Malaysia.
Everyone uses a handphone, unless of course they are very young or very old. No one leaves their home without their mobile phone with them, and if they did, they would go back to get it. People use their mobile phones extensively, and it has become a part of life. With Tunetalk powered WOW! Referral program, everyone can now have a chance to make their phones their personal cash machine.

Reason #2: Top Up
Your commission is based on the top up amount. Everytime your downlines top up their prepaid cards, you  are paid your commissions. Your downlines, will not look for you to buy their top ups. They can buy their top ups from anywhere. Makes your life easier doesn't it?
Reason #3: Business without any pressure
You or your downlines are not pressured to buy or stock up on any product. You or your downlines are not pressured to sell anything. To qualify for your commissions, just use your mobile phone, and top up RM38 every month. Did you know that the average prepaid user in Malaysia spend between RM50 to RM200 a month to top up their prepaid card? So, all you or your downlines have to do is... the same thing you have always done, make your calls and top up, however, with Tunetalk powered WOW! Referral Program, you and your downlines can now generate an income as well.

Reason #4: Backed by Strong and Reputable Companies
WOW! Referral Program is co-branded beween Tunetalk and Tone Excel Sdn. Bhd. Tunetalk is owned by Tune Ventures (37.5%) and Celcom (38%). These are giants that we can trust and rely upon. You may get more information by clicking here. Now, if we can't trust these guys to do a good job, then who else can we trust?

Reason #5: Tunetalk is a famous brand.
Tunetalk is a well known brand name. And Tone Excel Sdn. Bhd. has co branded with Tunetalk to promote the Telco through its' WOW! Referral Program. You do not need to market Tunetalk, you just need to share about Tone Excel's referral program. Makes your life a whole lot easier right?

Reason #6: Coverage and Signal Strength
Tunetalk uses Celcom's infrastructure. That means, that if you can get Celcoms' signal, you will be able to get Tunetalk's signal. As you probably already know, Celcom has extensive coverage across the country. And that ensures that Tunetalk too has extensive network coverage, and  signal quality.

Reason #7: PA Coverage
First time ever in malaysia,if use tune talk prepaid card,you will be covered by RM1OO,000 personal accident insurance coverage by Etika Maybank

Reason #8: Lucky Draws
Everytime you top up, you qualify for the lucky draw. This lucky draw is conducted every day, and if you are the lucky winner, you will receive Air Asia's E-Gift Voucher that you could use to exchange for flight tickets to the destinations of your choice.

Reason #9: Tunetalk Points
Everytime you top up, you will receive Tunetalk Points. These points do not expire, and you could collect it for as long as you like. You can then exchange these points to Air Asia's flight tickets, and fly to your destination of choice for free. 
Click Here to find out more about these points.

Reason #10: Income can be Passed on the Next of Kin
Your income can be passed on to your beneficiary. By getting into the program and building it, you can leave behind a legacy that can be enjoyed by your family members for a long-long time to come.

Topping up is extremely easy. You can top up from anywhere that you usually top up. Just make sure that you ask for Tunetalk top up. Here are some of places that you can get your top up from.

The call charges for the Tone Excels' WOW! Referal Program are as follows:-
Calls are 32 cents per minute and SMS are 15 cents per SMS.

Let's compare the pricing with other telcos prepaid services.


60 seconds
 33 cents / min
39 cents / min
7 cents
15 cents

60 seconds 38 cents / min 38 cents / min 10 cents 10 cents
60 seconds 36 cents / min 36 cents / min 10 cents 10 cents
60 seconds 30 cents / min 35 cents / min 6 cents 10 cents
60 seconds 32 cents / min 32 cents / min 15 cents 15 cents


You can make money with a very simple method. All you have to do is refer others to use the Tone Excels' Sim Cards. And when they start using their phone, and start topping up their prepaid cards, you get paid commissions. Let me explain the commission structure to you. Your commissions are paid up to 3 levels of your network. And, there is absolutely no limit to the number of people that you can refer, and put as your direct referrals.

You are paid 6% everytime your direct referrals tops up.
You are paid 3% everytime your Level 2 referrals tops up.
You are paid 11% everytime your Level 3 referrals tops up.

Click here to see an example of your potential monthly income.

Your commission is paid on the 21st of every month. You can withdraw your commisions provided that you have a minimum of RM50 in your account. You qualify for your commissions as long as you top up RM38 a month.


GET the WOW! Referral Program Simcard.
Click here for details.

ACTIVATE the WOW! Referral Program Simcard.
Click here for details.
To those who want to retain their existing prepaid number,
click here for instructions.

REGISTER yourself into the WOW!
Referral Program.

You may register yourself into the program by filling up the online form that I have prepared and clicking the Submit button. Please use the following information in the sponsor (or penaja in BM) section.

Sponsors' Name
Nama Penaja
Sponsors' HP No.
No. HP Penaja

Sponsor's Referral ID
ID Referral Penaja

Sponsor' IC No.
No. IC Penaja

Sponsor's Email
Email Penaja

Click here to open the online registration form.

After you have submitted please wait for an email. We will send this email to you within 4 hours if you were to submit this online form between 10am and 12am. In this email, you will find your status report, your username and password to access your online WOW! Referral Program account. I would encourage you to follow the information that is provided in that email.

POST your completed and signed, official registration form, within one week to

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now in business, and a whole new world has just opened up for you.


We have prepared a special section called Hall of Fame. In this section you can see all the group members of JUST TALK who have managed to get TEN direct downlines. You can read their testimonies, their tips and their strategies here. Who knows, you may even find some useful tips that may help you to get your TEN direct referrals fast.

p/s: We would like to see your photo in the Hall of Fame as well.


: I would suggest that you get a few extra sim cards, so that you can easily and quickly sponsor people. When you have some sim cards in your hands, you can talk to your family, friends, colleagues or partners fast. You can show them the opportunity, sell them the cards, activate their cards, register them and get them into your network fast.

SECOND: Promote and sell these cards to everyone. I am sure that almost everyone of them will own a phone and are already paying for it. With WOW! Referral program, they can choose to be a customer, and enjoy a lower prepaid rate. Or, they could choose to promote the program and be rewarded for it. Ultimately their call cost will become negligble and they would have created an income stream that makes a huge difference in their lives. So, you should be the one, who is making a difference in peoples' lives by promoting this program to them.

I would also encourage you to help them, by activating their cards, and registering them into the program. Just follow the steps I have given above. Make sure that you change the sponsor information to your information when you are filling up the online form to register them, to make sure that they are placed as part of your network.

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